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Africana is a woman in her prime who is abducted from her hometown of Amanfo and transported to the royal palace of Edusah. Edusah is the town that conquered and ravaged the town of Amanfo as a consequence of greed. She is separated from her family and forced to work as a maid for the lands over pampered princess as a result.

Africana learns through servanthood that the princess – Afrakoma is a well-educated feminist who is strong-willed and unyielding in her convictions. But life smiles on her when she learns of the princess’s pre-arranged marriage – a union the princess adamantly opposes. Meanwhile, an unexpected discovery is made in the palace, awakening issues from the past. The maid encounters both friends and foes in the royal household in the process.

When famine threatens Amanfo, Africana’s family is forced to travel from their exploited town to seek solace in the distant town of Edusah. This is when unanticipated complications arise and the most shocking discovery occurs.

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