Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare is an author, creative writer, editor, and playwright. Her volunteer work on climate change served as inspiration for her debut children's book, "Who Cares?".

Her writings include academic research, articles about literacy and the environment, and fiction. She participated in a reading session with e-Ananse and graced interviews with Leti Arts Game Company and ATL FM about her writing career. In 2022, she was nominated for and won the Author/Writer category at the Central Entertainment and Business Awards, and with her essay "We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For," she won the Africa Matters Media contest.

The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) published an anthology of short stories that included her short story "The New Normal," and Writers Space Africa's 2022 magazine edition also featured her short story "Maid of the House." Other works by Elizabeth are available in the Daily Search Light Newspaper, Medium, the Daily Graphic Online, Opera News, Amazon, and the Malawian National Newspaper.

Elizabeth was also a member of the Leti Arts Creative Team that brought Miss Farida Bedwei's work "Karmzah" to life. Karmzah is a comic book superhero with cerebral palsy. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) highlighted this work. It is also available on the Afrocomix app, among other platforms.
Her current initiative is a community literacy project that aims to get children between the ages of five and thirteen interested in reading and writing.


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Don’t miss out, let’s connect