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"Reading stimulates the mind, which is a powerful weapon. Once the book is closed, it turns rusty." - Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare


Elizabeth is an aesthete! Her love for writing sparked during her childhood days when she would sit in a secluded spot to write for hours after school and on weekends. It was probably just a hobby. But it evolved into a passion throughout her high school years, where she was an active participant in the Writers, Debaters, and Drama Club. By the time she earned her bachelor's degree, she discovered that writing was more than just a hobby and an interest - a profession.

As a former World Literacy Ambassador for Ghana through the World Literacy Foundation, she embarked on a practical reading project, where she inspired over 700 youths to read daily which in the process improved their literacy level. To date, she is actively involved in reading and writing activities to promote literacy in communities.

Elizabeth was awarded the winner of the 2019 Perdurable Writers Award for General Fiction Infinite. Her novel, 'The New Normal', was shortlisted for the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Anthology of Short Stories, 2020.

She graced the e-Ananse book reading session and her storytelling abilities earned her a narrative interview session with Leti Arts Game Company. She also sat as an Opening Round Judge for the ENACTUS National Level Competition in 2021.

Elizabeth is a proud member of the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) as well as the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). She is committed to reducing illiteracy in society by undertaking reading and writing initiatives. She is an author, an environmentalist, and a food junkie.

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